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CKC 2002 versionFAQ

Q: How to re-install CKC 2002 version?

Users can find the install program in "Program files\vMa2002װ桹" or reinstall the program by using the CD. Before re-installation, you have to uninstall the previous version first.

Q: How to make CKC 2002 version work in Windows NT4.0?

System administrator of the Windows NT4.0 must enable the CKC Input Method from the input method dialog by adding the CKC Input Method.

Q:How to add a set of phrases by once?

(1) Use Self-assign phrase program, select the create new phrase file function.
(2) Input the phrase and input code there.
(3) Must 100% follow the format, each line start with the CKC code (6 digits, phrase which less than 6 digits fill with space) and one phrase only.
(4) Maximum 40 characters for a phrase.
(5) Save it when finished. The new phrase will be activated in next start of CKC Input Method.

Q: How to add a self-assigned phrase table into the system?

Use Self-assign phrase program:
(1) Select import self-assign phrase function.
(2) Input the file name of the self created phrase file.
(3) Select "save" function to merge the file into the system.
(4) Press confirm to complete the process.
(5) Restart the computer.

Q: How to save the self-assigned phrase tables?

Use Self-assign phrase program:
(1) Select open self-assign phrase function and then select the phrase file.
(2) Select export function.
(3) Key in the path and the file name
(4) Press confirm to complete the process.

Q: How to recover CKC 2002?

Method 1: Restart the computer.
Method 2: Recover the mapping table by copying c:\windows\system\zhhze.bk file to replace the c:\windows\system\zhhze.mb file.
Mehotd 3: Reinstall the whole system.
Method 4: Please contact the support if problem remains.

Q: How to copy the "modified frequency char/phrase table" from coputer A to computer B?

Steps are:
(1) Make sure no programs are using CKC 2002.
(2) Copy the file zhhze.mb from computer A (c:\windows\system).
(3) Paste the captioned file to computer B (c:\windows\system) to replace its original zhhze.mb file.
(4) Completed.