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  • CKC for iOS

"CKC for iOS" is available for download on the App store.

Procedures: (1) Open App store; (2) Input "×ݺáÊäÈë·¨" in the search field; (3) Follow the prompts to install it.

Scan QR Code to Download

CKC for Android platform

"CKC for Android" can be run on smartphone or mobile tablet with Android 2/3/4 platform.

Version£º CKC for Android platform ~NEW~
File Size£º ~16MB
Download£º ckc for android v1.5.apk¡¡£¨up to 2021-08-10£©
Scan QR Code to Download£º
User Guide£º

CKC for Android_Guide.pdf


  • CKC for Mobile SmartPhone
Version£º CKC for Mobile SmartPhone
File Size£º ~11MB
Download£º CKC_SmartPhone_CHT.rar
Installation£º CKC_SmartPhone_CHT_install.doc
User Guide£º CKC_SmartPhone_CHT_Guide.chm
Platform£º Windows Mobile 2002 SmartPhone
Windows Mobile 2003 SmartPhone
Windows Mobile 2003 ver.2 SmartPhone
Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhone

¡¾This software can be installed in Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, BUT some features may be disabled, such as WiFi¡­¡­¡¿
Model No.£º HP iPAQ 518, Dopod S300...